Jennifer Gomm is the owner of Chiropractic Billing Hub and a certified reimbursement specialist, medical coder, and consultant for Chiropractic practices. She is highly recommended by all the practices she serves and has made a significant impact on their financial success, interoffice interactions, and most importantly patient care. She is often told by her offices that they have all the benefits of an employee excluding the benefit package, sick days, and training.

Jennifer has been in the medical billing industry for over 20 years. In the last few years, she has decided to solely focus on Chiropractic billing and collections because she believes in their philosophy and holistic approach to healing. Her belief and passion for Chiropractic care is an asset to her everyday responsibilities when fighting for the maximum reimbursement from insurance companies. She is highly skilled in the area of Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation billing as well.

Jennifer’s team at Gomm Chiropractic Billing Inc. followed her to the Chiropractic Billing Hub and includes certified coders and reimbursements specialists. She also employs an associate with a Doctorate in Nursing. The team’s hard work and education are the foundations that Gomm Chiropractic Billing Inc. was built on.

Jennifer would love an opportunity to do a practice analysis with no obligation. She welcomes phone inquiries about all areas of accounts receivable, medical billing, medical coding, electronic health records, HIPPA, ICD 10, practice management systems, and patient collections.

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